Free Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Credit Card Processing Services, a leader in the merchant account business is excited to announce that we are now offering free wireless credit card equipment to all new merchants. In the recent past these wireless credit card terminals sold for as much as $900.00 but with this special offer they are now provided to you absolutely free!

The free credit card terminal you will receive is the Ingenico iWL 255 GPRS Secure Terminal that is the most technologically advanced wireless terminal in the United States. This terminal is NFC Ready, Apple Pay™ Ready, EMV Capable, and PCI-PTS Compliant.

Free Ingenico iWL 255

If you own a serious “on the road” business then we have a serious processing program designed just for you. This is not a program for the amateur hobbyist, but rather for those professional road warriors who earn their livelihood selling in locations where landlines are just not practical. This unit is perfect for everyone from limo drivers, artists and craft vendors, pizza deliverers, kiosk sales, trade show sales, and home repair companies.

Our solution is the Ingenico iWL wireless battery powered terminal and printer combination with national wireless service on the GPRS network. It also has a phone port for regular landlines and a power cord plug in electric when available. This top of the line terminal is fast, compact, lightweight, and feature rich. This amazing terminal from fits in the palm of your hand and is so lightweight and compact that it can even fit in your pocket. It allows you to perform all the major functions you would expect including credit, debit, and gift cards offering EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe, NFC, and Contactless. It includes the highest level of encryption so that all transactions are transmitted securely. The iWL 255 has a large easy to read display screen and through its menu driven prompts and function specific hot keys easily walks you through each transaction type. Once a sale is approved the terminal will print a receipt for the customer to sign and a second receipt for the merchant. A variety of reports is available to print not just today’s totals but batch detail for the past 60 days. The iWL 255 features a fast 30 lines per second thermal printer and contains a battery that will usually last for days without needing a recharge.

A major reason for going wireless is that your swiped transactions will qualify for the favorable low rates not available for manually keyed sales. Credit Card Processing Services knows that if you are a serious road warrior then we had better come up with a great processing program to complement the free wireless Ingenico iWL 255.. Well, here is our excellent pricing program:

MasterCard & Visa Debit / Check / Prepaid
(Non- PIN Based)
.79 % + .28 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards
(Qualified Swiped )
1.69 % + .18 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards
(Mid-Qualified – Rewards Cards)
2.69 % + .18 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards
(Non-Qualified – Business Cards)
2.99 % + .18 per Transaction
Dues & Assessments
0.11 % (11 Basis Points)
Access Fees
2 Cents
Discover Card
(Almost the Same Rates as MasterCard & Visa)
Included Automatically
American Express
(Inquire About Rate for Your Business Type)
15 Cents per Transaction
Monthly Minimum
(Equates to Approx. $1500 in Sales)
Monthly Service Fee
Daily Batch Fee
10 Cents per batch
24/7 Toll-Free Tech Support
Application Fee
Setup Fee
Annual Fee
Ingenico iWL 255 Wireless Credit Card Terminal
Free Placement
Monthly GPRS Wireless Fee
Wireless Transaction Fee
5 Cents
Terminal Shipping
Terminal Training
Above Pricing Accurate as of
October 2014

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The iWL 255 terminal will be shipped to you via Federal Express 2 day service at no cost to you and once you receive it our training department will explain to you how to operate the unit.

If this program is what you have been looking for then please complete the Application Apply Online form. For more information please feel free to email or call Kevin at 215-489-7878 or toll-free at 800-717-1245.


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